Chinese Herbal Medicine

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Shiatsu with Acupressure

Chinese Medicine originated in China over 2000years ago. It has become increasingly popular in the West with people looking for complementary or alternative solutions to restoring health and fitness.

Integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our whole being, is at the core of this system of medicine.

Recognising that illness is a sign of disharmony or imbalance at some level, acupuncture offers an effective, natural way of integrating a return to health on all levels. By working with a person's natural ability to heal, acupuncture can offer a gentle and effective return to health and a way of maintaining well being to ward off disease.

Chinese Herbal Medicine is similarly based on the observation of symptoms and treatment of each individual. Herbs in addition to acupuncture may be the way forwards, for particular conditions.

It is often helpful to have some Shiatsu or NLP as part of your acupuncture treatment.