Thank you for your patience during lockdown. As my practice resumes, I want to assure you that I have considered every measure to ensure your safety. This information details the intricate steps I have taken and will continue to take until this pandemic is more under control.
At the heart of my values here at the Hungerford clinic is to always create a professional, welcoming, space for you to come and receive treatments. This has absolutely not changed but there will be a few changes that require your attention prior to coming in for treatments.

Measures to make the clinic ‘Covid-19 secure’

1. Patient Screening
Each patient is required to fill in a screening form before entering the clinic to confirm they are displaying no symptoms prior to their visit. Whilst this is not a fail-safe it helps to prevent symptomatic patients attending clinic. If you start to have any symptoms please do not attend your appointment.

2. Treatment Spacing
I will be spacing treatments out, allowing at least 1 hour between patients, to ensure you don’t encounter anyone on arrival and to allow for sanitisation of rooms between treatments.

3. Soft Furnishings
All furnishings in clinic are wipeable to ensure all items /surfaces can be disinfected between treatments.

4. Soap + Disinfectant
On entering and exiting the clinic there is sanitiser to keep hands clean. As has always been the case, I wash my hands prior to any physical contact and again immediately after. If possible please bring your own hand sanitiser. You will be asked asked to wash your own hands before treatment begins.

5. Masks, for you and I
I will be wearing a mask on arrival and I have also spaced chairs in treatment rooms at least 1m apart. I ask that you bring your own mask but I will have spares should you require to purchase one on the day.

6. Opening Doors
Please allow me to open all doors for you on arrival and exit. Rest assured that all door handles are disinfected after each patient anyway.

What you can expect when you come in for treatment

Pre-visit screening
You will be asked to fill in a screening and consent form before coming in for treatment. 

For my diagnosis, I may ask you to send a picture of your tongue.

Before your appointment
Please come to the door and I will be ready to lead you into the clinic. Please leave your belongings in your car as far as possible.

On entry to the clinic

  1. Please wear a face mask – this has been advised to stop the spread of coronavirus from asymptomatic patients.
  2. Please sanitise your hands when entering the clinic and avoid touching surfaces as much as possible.
  3. Observe social distancing of at least 1 metre where possible.
  4. Please observe appropriate cough hygiene (into a tissue or crook of the arm).

In the treatment room

  1. I will be placing chairs further apart than normal to enable social distancing, however I will briefly feel your pulse.
  2. You will be asked to keep your mask on during treatment.
  3. The treatment table and wipe-able pillows will be sanitised between patients. Clean sheeting is replaced for each patient and Couch roll will be covering the table also.
    Clean laundry will be provided for each patient (60 degree wash). It will be bagged and sealed immediately after each treatment.

Please would you make a bank transfer for the appropriate amount.

Please bring in your own water bottle.

We love our phones but I ask that you please don’t touch your phone after entering the clinic as they are an easy way to re-infect your hands after you have sanitised them.

Despite these precautions, there still remains a risk of human-to-human transmission of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Whilst working hard to manage and minimise risks, there is no guarantee that there is zero risk in attending the clinic and/or receiving treatment.


Please would you let me know that you have understood that these precautions are in place by emailing this form and the Covid-19 Screening Form back to me with your signature.  My email address can be found in the Screening Form document.

Thank you.